Our Processes

Providing care, respect and assurance


Call Us

Call our 24/7 care line 9633 0991 to discuss your wishes and arrangements.

Van transport

Pet Transport

We can pick up your pet from your home or any veterinary clinic. Or you may wish to bring your pet to us during our operating hours. Our pet collection service is from 8am to 12 midnight daily.



Our tagging system that follows a chain of custody procedures provide the assurance of that your pet is handled with care.

Cold Storage

Mortuary Cold Storage

For pet owners who want the service at a later date, our mortuary cold storage facilities are available with no extra cost. The mortuary premise is also CCTV monitored.

Paw Print

Creating Keepsake

We will attend to your product requests such as creating paw print memorabilia or fur clipping keepsake.

Sanctuary Cremation Hall


Each private pet cremation service takes about 2 hours. The 2 hours service includes the private memorial service for the family at our Rainbow Bridge service hall, private cremation service and ash picking. For pet owners who cannot attend the service personally, we can either do a live video call or send the photo montage video of the service to them. Our private pet cremation service is from 8am to 8pm daily.

Sanctuary Urn

Ash Placement

The ashes will be ready for ash picking after 1 hour from the start of the individual cremation. You can personally place the ashes into the Sanctuary urn at our ash picking room. Most pet owners find this a meaningful and important process of the service.

Rainbow Bridge

Going Home / Sanctuary Pet Columbarium / Sea Ash Scattering

After ash placement, you can bring the urn home. Some owners place their pet’s urn at our Sanctuary Pet Columbarium where their pets can have company. You can also use our ocean ash scattering service should you prefer to have us scatter the ashes on your behalf.