Our Sanctuary Distinctiveness

Centered around our best friend


Our cremation machine designed and built in Japan is a fully automated machine, electronically self regulated and integrated with automated hearth insertion system and mechanised trolley. The machine with the best-in-class technology eliminates manual interference to the body such as raking. The automation also allow us to introduce the use of pet coffins in Singapore.

Personal send off

Our pets have always listened to us. We have designed the final farewell such that you can personally start the hearth insertion process, lovingly assuring your beloved pet to begin the journey to join the fur friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Internationally Accredited

We are the first pet crematorium in ASEAN to be a member of International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC). Our crematorium also fully complies with the requirements of local government agencies.

Sustainable Environment

We have invested in best-in-class environmentally friendly machine from Japan as the carbon footprint matters to us since it is a challenging output of this industry. We adhere to sustainable and responsible practices in order to limit our overall impact to the environment.

Photo of dog with doleful eyes

Supporting Animal Welfare Group

We worked with animal welfare groups to serve the animals under their care. We also adopt different animal welfare group every year.

Creatively Designed and Landscaped

The design by Formwerkz Architects is centered on your pet, offering an appropriate setting for your family to accompany your pet to the final farewell in the service hall. Walking along the dedicated garden path leading to the hall helps focus memories and emotions. Natural materials are used in the décor to provide a sense of warmth, coupled with an uplifting 15 metre high structure and skylight feature to herald your pet leaving for the Rainbow Bridge. These grounds of 10,000 square feet in the Kranji countryside convey a measure of peace and closure during this farewell.