Pet Columbarium Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations on Use and Visitation of Columbarium and Niche

  1. The Pet Owner is required to maintain the Niche in a good and tidy condition.
  2. Visitation of Columbarium and Niche is subject to SPC’s normal operating hours (9am to 5pm daily) and must be confirmed via online booking tool.
  3. All visitors to the Columbarium are to observe proper respect for SPC staff and any other parties and for the cremated pets whose urns are housed in the Columbarium, and act accordingly with care, solemn respect and consideration for all. The Pet Owner shall ensure that persons who visit the Columbarium conduct themselves in a proper and respectful manner.
  4. Actions which may become a nuisance, annoyance, disturbance, inconvenience or cause any loss or damage to SPC or the Columbarium or to any other parties shall be prohibited. Pet Owner shall be liable to SPC for any damage, cost or expenses incurred due to their actions at the Columbarium.
  5. Any alterations to the Niches, structure, platform or other extension at or around the Niches or in any other area within the Columbarium shall be prohibited.
  6. All ceremonies, prayers, rituals and services to be performed at the Columbarium must have prior approval of authorized SPC personnel.
  7. Sanctuary Pet Columbarium Opening Hours – 9 am to 5 pm daily
  8. Refer to below for instructions on reserving a confirmed slot for visitation.


Instructions for reserving a private visit at the Columbarium

Reserve 1 hour private time with your pet

  1. Click on the applicable day and time slot to reserve it.  Our last available slot on a daily basis will be at 4pm.

  2. Fill in the information in the next screen and click ‘Schedule’ to confirm the reservation. (Do note that the number of visitors is subject to prevailing safe management measures as mandated by the government)
  3. To fill in Niche ID – Rainbow Colour followed by Row letter and Column number (example: GreenA17 will mean Colour Green, Row A and Column 17)

  4. We will provide immediate confirmation of your reservation as per below screenshot example. Do take a picture or screenshot of this confirmation as a reminder of your reservation. In addition, our system will also automatically send an email to the email address indicated in the form to confirm this reservation. Accepting the reservation invite will also create a meeting event on your calendar.
  5. To reschedule or cancel, please refer to this website or click on the links provided in the email confirmation.